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The Frameworks

Below you can find a quick overview of all the completed frameworks. They span over variety of industries, but what they all have in common is that they represent the first principles of that particular field.

Use the frameworks to make change happen more efficiently.

The Communication Quadration is the foundation of all communication even when you are not paying attention.

The Conflict Triad is a basic decision making system that builds a strategy for resolving any conflict.

The Decision Grid is a tool for evaluation and improving your decision making skills.

The Matrix of Ethics is a tool for examining ethical behavior. Map out the four categories to get a complete evaluation.

  Goal Setting  
The First Principles of Goal Setting uses two distinct paths to help you build a solid strategy for achieving your goals.

History is made up of a collision of circumstances and influences. Use the grid to understand why an event took place.

Information needs to be credible and applicable in order to be reliable. Use the Funnel to examine the information you are using.

Six Times Four is the first principles of business. Each business belongs to a type. Map your industry to find opportunities for disruption.

The First Principles of Justice is a basic tool for evaluating and building strategies for justice.

The Learning Matrix is a tool for optimizing your learning and teaching by using the first principles of learning.

The Marketing Maze uses five building blocks to help you build marketing strategies that are tailored to your prospects.

The Motivation Matrix is a tool for examining the motivation behind our behavior. Map out the four factors to get a complete evaluation.

The Planning Grid is a tool for strategical planning. Follow sevens steps to make better plans.

The First Principles of Politics help you understand a political point of view by assigning it to one of 16 agendas.

The Wheel of Power is a tool for evaluation the effect of power used by an organization, both internally and externally.

The First Principles of Relationships uses four core factors to help you understand how solid the foundation is for any relationship.

The Venn of Religion highlights the building blocks of belief systems. The more blocks the higher degree of control.

The Society Formation Theory uses the three cornerstones of society to provide a tool for evaluation how the society is exercising power, distributing resources, and dealing with diversity.

The First Principles of Values uses four core values to help you build a solid value statement that can offer practical guidance in any situation.