People ask me how I have come up with my ideas and concepts. Here is how.

Thanks to Cal Newport and his fantastic books I have learnt to embrace depth. Depth in my professional ambition and depth in how I work.

Thank you to Shonda Rhimes for being a F.O.D. and explaining to me that I am too. For creating Cristina Yang and for your book the Year of Yes which both showed me that finding my own yes meant sharing my best with the world.

Thank you Jostein Gaarder for writing the mesmerizing book Sophie’s World. This book introduced 14 year old me to the world of philosophy and I have not been the same ever since.

Thank you to Professor Maja Kirilova Eriksson once at Uppsala University who taught me how to conduct independent research as a very young master of laws student.

Thank you to my parents for allowing me to persuade them to get me a subscription to Time magazine at the age of 11. I loved every second of seeing a glimpse of the bigger world out there.

Last and definitely not least, my grade 7-9 social sciences teacher, Hasse Lann. You taught me everything I know about how to learn, how to make connections, and how to see the big picture. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.