So, I've been thinking...

Our world is in need of change and the people that are making that change happen need all the support they can get.

The Meta Observer Decks are workshop tools that help Change Makers gain a better understanding of their circles of influence by exploring topics like communication, goal setting, values, power, information, and many more.

The frameworks included in the Decks have been designed to spark conversation, self-reflection, and action.

The goal is to gain a thorough understanding of the three circles: yourself, your organization aka your inner circle, and your circle of influence.

Through this new understanding you will be able to make better decisions and see what actions and behaviors will lead to the highest possible impact.

Making change is not easy, take advantage of the frameworks to understand the hidden values, motivations, and communication patterns of the people you are looking to cooperate with and to influence.

Knowing how all the players of your game operate will let you set up a strategy that works.

I created the Meta Observer Decks because I believe the world needs intentional change makers and better leaders.

The world needs the heroic efforts of those who believe in a better future and set out to make their vision a reality.

I hope you are one of our heroes. If you are, you will find materials designed to support you on your journey right here.